FAQ's Strategic Planning - Town of Gravenhurst

Strategic Planning

FAQ's Strategic Planning

1. What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic Planning is a process of discovery, reflection, discussion, community building and setting priorities.  It is the process that the Town of Gravenhurst will use to define its overarching direction and strategy, set goals and develop the steps necessary to achieve those goals.  It will allow members of the community to come together to define a community-based vision and set of strategic priorities.

The Strategic Plan that will emerge from the process will be the Town's roadmap for the future.  It will identify where we are going and how we will get there.  The Strategic Plan will be a community-based Strategic Plan. 


2. Why is the Town of Gravenhurst developing a Strategic Plan?

Strategic Plans are living documents. Strategic Plans should be reviewed and updated to make sure they accurately reflect our community vision.  The Town of Gravenhurst developed a Strategic Plan in 2010 which covered the period from 2011-2014.  We have also been busy developing a number of other municipal documents including our Gravenhurst Economic Development Strategic Plan (October 2013), Town of Gravenhurst Municipal Cultural Plan and most recently, we have focused on the development of a Strategic Business Plan for the Gravenhurst Opera House.  Much has changed since 2010 when we developed our last Strategic Plan.  The time is right for us to collectively develop a community-based Strategic Plan that articulates our vision and our community-based project priorities. 


3. Why is a Strategic Plan important for the Town of Gravenhurst?

A new Strategic Plan will help us to:

  •      Identify a clear and agreed-upon set of goals
  •       Streamline and focus decision making
  •       Allow for staff allocation and financial resources to identified priorities
  •       Develop a forward-looking and forward-thinking vision for the Township
  •       Promote an organizational culture of continuous improvement

 The new Strategic Plan will be our guiding document and the lens through which Council and staff address identified priorities. 

4. What is the timeframe to develop the Strategic Plan?

The strategic planning process is expected to take six months.  The process has just started and is being led by a Steering Committee consisting of the Mayor Donaldson, Councillor Kelly, Councillor Jorgensen, Councillor Cairns, Councillor Pilger, CAO Dave Weldon, Marta Proctor (Director of Recreation, Arts & Culture Services) and Scott Lucas, our Director of Development Services.  Based on this timing, is our hope that the new Community Strategic Plan will be ready by November, 2015. 

5.What happens once the Plan is developed?

The Strategic Plan, once developed, will be used to make informed decisions.  It will be used by members of Council to make decisions about community-identified priorities and it will be used by staff as a tool to focus resources - staff and fiscal resources - in alignment with those priorities. 

6.Who are the consultants on this project, and why do we need them?

Planning Solutions Inc. together with MHBC Planning have been retained by the Town to assist us in developing the Strategic Plan.  Their role will be to act as an objective third party to assist us in developing a plan that is both ambitious and practical.  The Planning Solutions Inc. and MHBC Planning team includes:

  • Karen Wianecki, Director of Practice with Planning Solutions Inc. who will serve as Project     Manager. 
  • Jamie Robinson, who will serve as Senior Consultant on this project. Jamie is an Associate at  MHBC Planning.

7. How will we ensure that all members of our community have opportunities to contribute to the creation of the Plan?

The development of our Strategic Plan is a journey we will take together as a community.  Your involvement is critical and there will be many opportunities throughout the process to ensure that the plan reflects your interests, your perspectives and your concerns.   

8. How can I kept informed of progress throughout the strategic planning process?

Information about our progress will be posted on the Town of Gravenhurst website.  Following each Community Meeting, we will be posting a Newsletter to highlight the key points that were raised.  If at any time you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Marta Proctor at the Town of Gravenhurst. 

9. How can I get involved?

There will be many opportunities for you to get involved and have your voices heard.  We will be hosting the first Community Visioning Session on July 18that the Centennial Centre in the Terry Fox Auditorium from 9:00 - 11:30.  If you are not able to attend the first Community Meeting, please share your thoughts with us by completing an online survey. The weblink is as follows: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JY8VGHN

10.  I still have more questions. Who can I contact for more information about the strategic planning process?

Information about the Strategic Plan can be obtained by contacting Marta Proctor at the Town of Gravenhurst at (705) 687-8857 or by email at Marta.Proctor@gravenhurst.ca.  Community members are also welcome to contact our consulting team.  Karen Wianecki may be reached by phone at  (905) 428-6113 or via email at karen.wianecki@sympatico.ca.