DONATION TO HELP SAVE LIVES - Gidley & Associates Steps Up to Help Firefighters

Posted on Wednesday February 07, 2018
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(L to R – Deputy Mayor Watson, Stephen Darling, Jason Darling and Fire Chief Brassard)


February 6, 2018



Gidley & Associates Steps Up to Help Firefighters


Gravenhurst ON -  A local insurance broker has made a sizable investment in this community’s safety with a donation to the Gravenhurst Fire Departments "Alarmed for Life" program.

On Tuesday February 6th, Stephen and Jason Darling of Stan Darling Insurance/Gidley & Associates Insurance Brokers visited with fire chief Larry Brassard and Deputy Mayor Jeff Watson at the Harvie Street fire station to drop off a cheque for $1000.00. "Our firefighters do a great job for the community and this is a simple way we can show support for the work they do every day," said Stephen Darling. A rash of deadly fires in southern Ontario last month points to the ongoing need for smoke alarm awareness according to local fire officials.

"Properly placed and maintained smoke alarms along with a definitive plan have proven to be essential to protecting Ontario families," said Chief Brassard. He points to the fire last August in Gravenhurst where a sleeping woman was woken in the middle of the night by the sound of an alarm giving her the precious second she needed to escape the fire.

The donation by Stan Darling Insurance/Gidley and Associates will be used to purchase smoke alarms that the fire department makes available to the community free of charge.

"Our 'Alarmed for Life' program has been supported for decades by community minded organizations and individuals, and over the years we've been able to place hundreds of detectors in needy homes right here in our community, and we've done this at no cost to the taxpayer thanks to our benefactors," Brassard added. “I want to thank Stephen and Jason for helping to make Gravenhurst a safer place to live.”

He noted that homeowners are required by law to install and maintain these devices, along with Carbon Monoxide alarms in many cases, but the emphasis in Gravenhurst is on education in most cases. 

"We tend to stay away from enforcement in private residences, but such is not the case with rental properties where the owner of property has an unequivocal responsibility," said Brassard. He quickly pointed out that tenants have responsibilities too and in rental properties where there are often multiple families relying on these devices, a stricter approach is taken regarding the provision and maintenance of alarms.

"For those in need, a simple phone call to the fire department is all that's needed to make sure a home is protected with smoke and C.O. alarms," said Darling. "We want to help avoid those tragic headlines we saw earlier this year, so make the call, it just might be the best call you’ve ever made.” 

Deputy Mayor Watson added,  “The Darling name has been synonymous with protecting communities in this area for many years, and we’d like to thank Stephen and Jason for this generous donation today. It will be put to good use by our fire department to help protect families”.  

For more information on the “Alarmed for Life” program, please contact the fire department at 705-687-3414.