Gravenhurst Triathlon - No Parking Order for July 15 & 16

Posted on Monday July 10, 2017

No Parking Order


Order to be in effect:             Saturday July 15, 8am -3pm & Sunday July 16, 8am-3pm

Event:                                    Gravenhurst Triathlon   

Location of the event:           Muskoka Wharf and throughout Town

Organization:                         MultiSport Canada Productions Inc.  

Contact Person:                    Dustin Gronc, Manager of By-law 


Telephone #s:                        705-687-3412 Ext.266

Parking is hereby prohibited on:





South and North side of Brown Street

Greavette Street

Mary Street

East side of Cherokee Lane

Muskoka Road #169

The End

North and South side of Farquhar Street

Muskoka Road #18

Sarah Street

North and South side of Lofty Pines Drive

Muskoka Beach Road

Muskoka Road #18

East and West side of Mary Street

Brown Street

Winewood Avenue

East and West side of Sarah Street

Brown Street

Farquhar Street

North and South side of Winewood Av. West

Sarah Street

John Street

North and Southside of Winewood Av. East

Muskoka Road #18

Muskoka Beach Road

East and West side of Greavette

Brown Street

The end includind cul-de-sac


This Order is made under authority of the Town of Gravenhurst By-law 2008-43, s. 9.


C.C.         The Manager of Public Works and Operations

               Special Events Coordinator and MLEO