Towns are Ensuring Clean and Safe Beach Areas

Posted on Friday May 11, 2018
May 11, 2018
Towns are Ensuring Clean and Safe Beach Areas
BRACEBRIDGE and GRAVENHURST, ON – Late in April, the Towns of Bracebridge and Gravenhurst received reports of some hazardous materials being found at several area beaches.
In response to the materials being found, both municipalities temporarily closed the beach areas and initiated a clean-up of the hazardous materials found at beach locations within the municipalities.
On May 11, 2018, Bracebridge and Gravenhurst were provided with a copy of correspondence received at the offices of the Huntsville Forester, which is part of the Metroland chain of newspapers. The correspondence set out new information threatening the safety of the beaches in the Muskoka region.
Upon receipt of the correspondence, the letter was immediately referred to the Bracebridge Detachment of the OPP by Bracebridge staff. The Commander of the Bracebridge Detachment of the OPP has confirmed that the correspondence has been received by the Huntsville Detachment and has been referred to the OPP’s Crime Unit for active investigation.
Staff from Bracebridge and Gravenhurst will remain in close contact with the OPP and will assist, as needed, with the OPP’s investigation of the letter received.
The OPP will ensure that the municipalities are kept updated on the status of the OPP’s investigation. Additionally, the OPP will apprise the municipalities of any additional information obtained that may relate to the on-going safety of the Town’s beach areas.
As a result of the hazardous materials previously found, the municipalities have implemented enhanced inspections of the beaches within the two communities. Bracebridge and Gravenhurst are committed to ensuring the health and safety of the beach areas within the two communities and will continue to take proactive steps to monitor beach areas and to clean up any materials found. Additionally, based on information from the OPP, beach areas will be temporarily closed to ensure the health and safety of the public, if necessary.
The OPP is committed to working in partnership with area municipalities to ensure public safety and will be providing enhanced patrols around beach and park areas within the towns.
Members of the community are asked report any suspicious activity or acts of vandalism to the OPP.
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For further information contact:
John Sisson, Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Bracebridge
(705) 645-6319 Ext. 229
Jason Harnett, Communication Specialist
Town of Gravenhurst
Phone: (705) 795-5257