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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

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Hello Community Stakeholders:

Thank you to all who participated in this important process. We have received a significant amount of feedback from the Community.  The Draft Plan which is available for the public will soon be presented to Council for their approval and public release.  This Draft Plan synthesizes the community's input and reflects the priorities and actions within municipal jurisdiction.

Public Input into the Draft Plan is now complete:

View the Draft Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Calendar:

  • *Updated*  Tuesday December 15 -  The Strategic Plan will be presented for Council's approval and Public Release.

The Steering Committee will be reviewing the draft Strategic Plan in the weeks leading up to the final presentation and approval by Council.  Please check back to this web page for new updates.

Resources and Information - NEWSLETTERS

Communications Leads:

Information about the Strategic Plan can be obtained by contacting Marta Proctor at the Town of Gravenhurst at (705) 687-8857 or by email at  Community members are also welcome to contact our consulting team.  Karen Wianecki may be reached by phone at  (905) 428-6113 or via email at