Brown's Beverages - Town of Gravenhurst


Brown's Beverages

The bottling plant originally on Hotchkiss Street was established in 1873 utilizing a nearby spring of crystal clear water. It was later relocated to nearby Bay Street in two storey brown brick building. The owner, Dugald Brown was a popular entrepreneur and hotelier. Brown's Beverages Ltd. operated on the same site that Muskoka Springs still occupies today. It is one of the few remaining and operating industrial buildings in the Town Centre. The site bottled pure spring water in hand blown glass bottles packed in wooden crates. These were delivered on wooden buckboards pulled by big draft horses, and supplied the growing tourist camps and hotels. As soft drinks became popular in the early 1900s, Brown's devised its ginger ale recipe. The factory became a Coca-Cola bottler and distributor in 1926. The brown brick section of the current large complex was added to the Municipal Register as a listed property in 2012. The building next door at 230 Bay Street was Mr. Brown's one time residence and from here he operated a liquor store.