Clipsham House - Town of Gravenhurst


Clipsham House

Clipsham House, built in 1877, is thought to be one of the oldest surviving residences in Gravenhurst.  The two storey brick residence reflects the prominence of James Clipsham as a blacksmith who owned the adjacent Carriage Works. Clipsham Carriage Works made wagons and buggies and had evolved from a blacksmith shop and livery. Clipsham was also a town Councillor and school board trustee. In 1887, the Great Fire destroyed Carriage Works, but the house survived. In addition to being constructed of brick (exceptional in a lumber town of the time), the home has a large porch, contrasting brick trim to resemble quoins, gable windows and a single storey annex. Clipsham House was designated a heritage property by the Town in 2014 and a plaque was unveiled in 2015.