Doors Open - Town of Gravenhurst

                          Dr. Bethune Statue in front of the Opera House

Doors Open

Doors Open Ontario is a province-wide celebration of community heritage. The Town of Gravenhurst has participated in the event since 2010.

Doors Open is designed to create access, awareness and excitement about our heritage. The event provides residents and visitors with a unique opportunity to explore and enjoy the sometimes hidden, but always interesting, places and spaces in Ontario cities, towns and villages. This event is free of charge!

This year's Doors Open theme is "100 years of women's  rights and suffragette".  This 'free' event is held on Saturday, September 29, 2018.

If there are buildings you would like to see as part of future events, please let us know by contacting the Municipal Heritage Committee Staff Liaison.

Information is available on the Doors Open Ontario website.

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