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Gravenhurst Curling Club

The Gravenhurst Skating, Curling and Hockey Association was formed in 1900. Part of this endeavour was the building of what is thought to be the Town's first arena. Records show that Lot 59 & the north half of Lot 63 fronting on First Street was purchased on December 20th, 1900 from Joseph Brock for $200. The Ice Palace was built that year on the site, about where the 'garden center' parking area of the Independent Grocery Store on First Street is today. This rink was taken over by James Scott, and the club would move to the skating rink that James Scott had built on John Street. The Gravenhurst Curling Club was established in 1901, using a three sheet rink until 1958. In that year the old shed like structure was torn down and the current six sheet facility was built.

The Gravenhurst Curling Club became the only club in Muskoka to boast a six sheet facility. Only four sheets were fed by ice-making equipment and two were natural ice. The facility is now complete with a heated arena, and ice equipment was extended to the other two sheets and the floor concreted a few short years later. The design is similar to many other curling rinks across Ontario, consisting of preformed wooden roof and wall trusses with cement block curtain walls between the supports. As many as 10,000 cement blocks were used in the project. It was decided before the foundation started that a two storey lounge/viewing area with kitchen and washrooms would be included in the structure.