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Gravenhurst Dollars

Gravenhurst Dollars is a simple gift certificate program that promotes shopping in the Downtown business community. Downtown Dollars have all the same benefits as any gift certificate people might purchase from a national retail chain, but using them will directly support the downtown businesses that are so important for the continued growth of our downtown.

Participating Merchants

 The merchants below accept your Gravenhurst Dollars, click on their name to learn more:


Tea.Beards Sawdust City Brewing Co Muskoka Bay Clothing
Well Fed Arts at the Albion  The Elephant's Trunk 
Pizza One Gravenhurst Pharmacy  Gypsy Market Mews
Blooming Muskoka  Oar and Paddle Hawkstone Soap Co.
 The Artstract Co Triple Sick Skin   Scuba Shack Ltd. 
Gem & Dia Jewellers  Muskoka Bear Wear 
Beach Dreams Tanning Studio
Johnathan Bullock Pottery 
Stedman's V&S Gravenhurst Bait & Tackle 
The Network Full Paw'tential Pet Grooming
Clear Case Computers
Bethune's Bistro  Shoppers Drug Mart Muskoka Retro
Cruise Car Sales  Salon 6KG  Old Mill Family Restaurant
The Artisans Edge Rustix Designs Behind the Painted Door 
The Artstract Co.  Rombos Restaurant Relish
Gravenhurst Home Hardware Minds Alive Toy Store  The Nest
PolarDip Blue Willow Tea Shop Wolff's Den Cafe & Eatery
 Where can I buy them? Why would I buy them? 

Gravenhurst Dollars are available for purchase at the Gravenhurst Town office Treasury Counter or Gravenhurst Opera House Box Office.

Downtown Dollars will encourage shopping at home and introduce new customers to Downtown Gravenhurst. They're a great way for people to invest in our community and support local businesses. You can give the gift of shopping, dining, music, theatre or services with Downtown Dollars, making them a great choice for birthdays, anniversaries, employee recognition, thank-you gifts, promotional items, prizes, or the holiday season. Downtown Dollars are an excellent way for small to medium sized businesses to inexpensively provide extra value and flexibility for their customers or to be used as creative personal gifts.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What's the catch?

No catch! The Downtown Dollars program is FREE for participating business and shoppers.Purchasing ten Downtown Dollars costs $10.00 (no tax). There are no associated costs for participating. There is no cost associated with accepting Downtown Dollars. If the face value says $10, you receive $10.

When does this promotion end?

Downtown Dollars never expire. If you find one in a drawer that you received or purchased several years from now, it's like finding money. Go ahead and use them at any participating business.

What if people lose their Downtown Dollars?

Just like real cash, Downtown Dollars cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

How much do Downtown Dollars cost?

Downtown Dollar notes each have a $10 value and are accepted around Downtown in exchange for $10 worth of goods and/or services. Downtown dollars are only produced in $10.00 denominations.

Do businesses pay to participate?

No! All Downtown Dollars used at participating businesses are redeemable at 100% of face value at the Gravenhurst Chamber of Commerce office in the Carnegie Building. Businesses will be reimbursed for the full value of all Downtown Dollars they accept.

What do Downtown Dollars look like?

Downtown Dollars are the same size as paper currency. They're mostly blue, with a unique serial number and a number of other security features. Downtown Dollars are only produced in $10.00 denominations.  

Do people need to use all their Downtown Dollars at once?

No, Downtown Dollars can be spread out over several purchases. When spending the dollars, keep in mind that we recommend downtown businesses to give cash back on any purchase more than $5.00. This helps to ensure that nearly every dollar spent on purchasing and using Gravenhurst Downtown Dollars comes directly back to our great  community! 

Do people have to use all the Downtown Dollars at one establishment?

No, purchasers can spend Downtown Dollars at as many participating establishments as their hearts desire! Downtown Dollar customers may use more than one note at a time. 

Can people exchange their Downtown Dollars for cash or online credit?

No, Downtown Dollars act like a gift certificate, and may not be exchanged for cash or online credit.

What if people want to purchase something that costs more than their Downtown Dollars are worth?

The method of payment for the remaining balance will be determined by the participating business.

What if people purchase something that costs less than their Downtown Dollars are worth?

Change will be given in the form of cash, or perhaps a new gift card from the participating business.

What happens if people need to return something they purchased with Downtown Dollars?

Return policies will follow the policies of the participating business.

I want to start accepting Gravenhurst Dollars

You can sign up online using this form: Downtown Dollar Merchant Agreement: Online Registration  or call our economic development team at 705-687-2230 ext. 280