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Post Office

Historic Post Office

Gravenhurst Post Office stands on the most prominent intersection of town, at Bay St. and Muskoka Road. It was opened in 1926, more than three decades after the spurt of Thomas Fuller designed postal outlets which had appeared across the country. The choice lot had been purchased by the federal government in 1913. Originally the post office was a one storey building.  Care was taken to match the colour and detailing of the dark brick and stone work of the floor below when a second storey, featuring a clock tower angled to the intersection, was added in 1931. The tower is topped by a metal cupola. All four faces of the clock were restored to full functionality in late 2015.  The second storey handled customs and served as accommodation for the caretaker. Further additions were made to the building in 1934 and 1951, and the retail lobby was upgraded in the early 2000's. The Post Office was designated a heritage property by the Town in 2015.