Knox Presbyterian Church - Town of Gravenhurst


Knox Presbyterian Church

Knox Presbyterian is the oldest church in Gravenhurst. The congregation was formed in 1875 and initially held services in the North Ward School. The current building dates to 1877, but it was a year later before it was dedicated by Reverend McDonnell of St Andrew's, Toronto. It is a fine example of Carpenter Gothic style using board-and-batten wall construction. The one time steeple housed an 800-pound bell to summon churchgoers,, and also raise the alarm for firefighters. The bell was removed in 1932. Reverend Malcolm Bethune was minister from 1889 to 1893. His son, Dr. Norman Bethune, became famous for his dedication to social causes in Canada and for his medical care to victims of war in Spain and China. In 1922 the Presbyterians merged with the Methodists and the church was out of Presbyterian hands until 1937. Knox was designated a heritage property by the Town in 2014 when a plaque was erected.