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No matter where you are in the Town of Gravenhurst, parking is always free!

Gravenhurst Map (Town Grid)

Please see our Historic Downtown Gravenhurst Parking Map (JPG)

On December 17, 2013 Council passed a by-law increasing the maximum time limit for parking on Muskoka Road, Bay and Brock Streets from 1HR. to 2HRS.   In early summer Council instructed staff to approach the District Municipality of Muskoka requesting an increase in the maximum parking time limit on their roads.  The District of Muskoka was receptive to this request and their authorization was passed by by-law on November 18, 2013.   Meanwhile, the Gravenhurst By-law Department used their discretion and no parking infraction notices were issued for 1HR. overtime parking since Council gave their instruction in early summer to pursue their request.