Rosehurst Manor - Town of Gravenhurst


Rosehurst Manor

Rosehurst Manor, also known as Mickle House and later as Garner Lodge, was built in 1884 and was the home of Charles Mickle, a highly successful lumberman. Mickle was twice elected Mayor of Gravenhurst from 1894-1895 and from 1898-1900. Rosehurst became the social hub of Gravenhurst with Emma Mickle hosting countless community celebrations and amateur theatricals. Following the death of their parents and younger brother Charlie, daughters Bertha and Grace Mickle sold the stately home to Michael and Viola Garner in the 1940's. It was renamed Garner Lodge and provided tourist accommodations and long-term lodgings under the management of ten subsequent owners over the next sixty years. Surviving original features include the mansard roof (although now modified), the bay window, the series of three garden arches to the west of the house, the carriage steps at the edge of Bay Street, and one garden urn on the front lawn. Rosehurst was completely renovated in 2013-2014 and has been designated a heritage property by the Town.