Vincent/Fry Residence - Town of Gravenhurst

Vincent Fry

Vincent/Fry Residence

The historic Vincent family residence was formerly known as Vincent's Castle. The one-and-a-half storey brown brick cottage-styled residence was constructed circa 1942, and is an architectural twin of St. James Anglican rectory next door.

The Vincent's were active in local business and politics. Cyril Vincent was mayor of Gravenhurst for a term in the 1950's.The family owned and operated a restaurant, a retail store and shipping company. In addition, acclaimed photographer Henry Fry, who married Dorothy Vincent, lived here and worked from his dark room in the basement. Fry was a quality artist who earned the Order of Canada for his work. He was the official photographer at the time of the Queen's visit to Gravenhurst in 1950's. Henry Fry is also known for images of German POWs being paraded under guard down the main street.