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Annual Business Survey

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This annual project was developed and implemented for the first time in 2015.  Going forward, this tool will be used by the Economic Development Team to identify challenges and allow us to develop strategies to assist our business community. This valuable economic data acquired is also used to serve and attract new potential investment and clients for the future.


Each year the annual survey sees more participation and better results. The 2017 Business Survey Report identified that 219 responses where received from mid-December 2017 until early January 2018, including 54 first-time responses from businesses that did not previously take part, or were new businesses recently opening.  Some of this years highlights include:

  • Businesses satisfaction with the local economy grew from 56% to 81%. Only 1% declared dissatisfaction.
  • An increased number of owners who are investing in their buildings and their business.
  • This survey tracked real time job creation from businesses who responded in two subsequent years:
  • Net increase of 54 new full-time permanent positions;
  • Net increase of 20 new part-time permanent positions;
  • Net increase of 10 new full-time seasonal positions; and
  • Net decrease of 22 part-time seasonal positions, which is an expected result of companies not being able to find qualified seasonal employees.
  • 35 business owners are intending to transition out of their businesses in the next 5 years, where only 9 of these have succession plans.
  • 17% of businesses are home based.


The 2016 Business Survey Report was well received, with 209 businesses providing responses. Highlights and successes last year include;

  • An increase of 111 new jobs, 53 of those being full-time positions.
  • 66% of respondents were either satisfied or very satisfied with the business climate in Gravenhurst.

  • Over the past two years, 58.2% of businesses have seen an increase in profits while only 9.5% have seen a decrease.


 For more information about the business survey please contact the Economic Development Team at

Jeff Loney,
Manager of Economic Development
705-687-2230 x 280

Julia Crowder,
Economic Development Coordinator
705-687-2230 x 258