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Creative Economy


The creative economy is about a paradigm shift from the industrial age to an age where creativity, knowledge, innovation and access to information drive economic development in a global marketplace. It marks a move away from jobs based on physical activity or repetitive tasks to ones that require analytical skills and judgement. It refers to those who innovate and create new ideas, new technologies and/or creative output. They are called upon to explore the possibilities; to solve problems in their day-to-day work. They are employed in science, engineering, arts, culture, entertainment and knowledge-based professions -management, finance, law, healthcare and education. In short, it is about "people who are paid to think".

It is more about what people actually do than who employs them. The creative economy is industry-agnostic and knows no boundaries; creative occupations cut across all industry sectors as we currently label them, including agriculture and manufacturing.

People in creative occupations are typically autonomous, independent, desire work-life balance, and enjoy recreational, particularly outdoors activities. On their personal time they engage in active pursuits given their relatively sedentary work life. Research shows that where creative people choose to live is as important decision to them as their job, personal finances and choice of spouse or partner. Creative workers are highly mobile; they can choose where to live. People want to live distinctive places with unique characters and identities, history, culture, picturesque landscapes and natural amenities.

Advantage in Gravenhurst:

  • Internet Connectivity: Within the urban area, 100% access to high-speed connectivity. In the rural areas over 50% of properties have access to high-speed services, with more access under development. A super high-speed gigabit capacity fibre to the home (FTTH) network will be installed beginning in 2016. This will impact some 1,350 homes and businesses in principally in the urban area.
  • A quality of place and lifestyle that is second to none. If you are already a seasonal resident, could you work from here? Would you really miss the week-end rat race of getting here and then having to get back to the city? Think about it?
  • In the summer 2015, The Network Space was established in the downtown offering:
    • A place where individuals and startups come to work, exchange ideas, and collaborate.
    • A high-tech space complete with high-speed internet, 3D printing, videoconferencing and LCD projection screens.
    • A relaxed, friendly atmosphere that encourages people to stay longer, to get more creative, and ultimately to get more done.
    • A place where investors and advisors come to find promising startups, and to help.
  • Location: Ninety minutes north of the City of Toronto, with access by major four lane highways, daily rail and bus and air services at the Muskoka Airport base in Gravenhurst.