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Invest in Gravenhurst

Gravenhurst offers a prime location, solid infrastructure and a natural beauty like nowhere else.  Paired with our safe and inviting community, a wide variety of available land will not only make Gravenhurst a place to invest, but a place to live.  Our community is the best hybrid of work and play.

Council and Staff are committed to the success and prosperity of every business and are committed in such a way that Commercial and Industrial developments charges are 0$. 

If you can manage client or employer expectations from a distance, or prefer a close knit community in a pristine and rugged natural environment, consider operating in Gravenhurst.


  • Where quality of place is our competitive advantage.
  • Where the neighbourly style is genuine and the surroundings natural.
  • Where quality of life, productivity, profitability, and sustainability co-exist harmoniously.
  • Where work-life balance is achieved.
  • Where you can live your dream!


For helpful tips for new investors in Ontario, Please visit the Economic Developers Council of Ontario website.


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