Small Business and Entrepreneurship - Town of Gravenhurst


Small Business and Entrepreneurship


The opportunity, the capacity or even the desire to attract a major multi-national employer often is not a good fit for a smaller municipality. Small business is the economic life-line of a small community. Small businesses provide opportunities for entrepreneurial minded individuals to create opportunities that fit the profile of the community creating employment opportunities for its residents while at the same time retaining an enviable quality of place and life-style.


To foster an entrepreneurial and creative culture to encourage and support new enterprise creation and retain established business.

Advantage in Gravenhurst:

  • Help: In Gravenhurst we can provide you the entrepreneur with the linkages you need to as you develop your business. Our network extends to private and public sector group's that can help in financing, development of business plans, training for you and your staff, exporting, government programs and mentoring. In fact our network can work with you on almost every facet and activity in the operation of your business; all you have to do is ask.
  • Lifestyle: A life style that is second to none. Schools, churches, social activities, sport activities, fine dining, live theatre and nature.

Ready access to urban markets, a neighbourly style and wholesome, natural surroundings make Gravenhurst a rewarding place to settle down.

Consider Your Options - and Contact Us to Learn More

If you can manage client expectations from a distance or prefer a closely knit community in a pristine natural environment, consider locating in Gravenhurst. We support small and medium-sized business - and we care about people.