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The nature of work has changed. More and more you don't need to go to work to be at work. What if you could work when, where and how you are most effective and efficient?

Telecommuting or telework is a flexible workplace arrangement that gives employees "permission" to work where and when they are most effective. Often this means someone is working from homes, an airport or a coffee shop just one or 2 days a week.

It's not about reinventing your business - it's about accepting that the change has already happened, and understanding how our companies, cities and families can benefit from it.

There are many benefits to employers, including:

  • A more engaged and satisfied workforce - employees are 15 - 40% more productive than their in-office colleagues
  • A flexible work model that helps to address skilled labour shortages
  • An eco-friendly work model that reduces the carbon footprint, allowing businesses to become more sustainable and better reflect the values of their employees

From the employees' perspective telecommuting is ideal since:

  • A significant number are knowledge-workers who are autonomous, creative, free thinking individuals
  • Many are willing to try new ways of working and doing business to increase their productivity, improve their overall health and better the community