Retail Gap Analysis - Town of Gravenhurst

Retail Gap Analysis

The Town's Economic Development Team is undertaking a Retail Gap Analysis which will assist in forming future commercial investment attraction campaigns, working towards building a full and diverse complement of retail offerings for residents and visitors.

two girls wallking downtown gravenhurst with shopping bags

This project will also assist in achieving a number of goals and objectives identified in the Town's 2015-2020 Strategic Action Plan.

Between October and December a general consumer shopping and teen shopping surveys were deployed.  Just under 400 completed responses were received.  Public consultation was also facilitated in early October during the Economic Development Community Update Event.  An online poll will also be conducted related to online shopping in 2018.


What is a Retail Gap Analysis?

While the concept may be titled "gap", it is an opportunity to identify most needed and desired future retail business opportunities and ultimately have them fill current land, building and service vacancies in the community.

A comprehensive list of current retail sector business is compiled.  Available and occupied square footage is assessed, along with employee numbers, sales, spending and consumer shed data (where people shop, in and out of Gravenhurst, and how much they are spending on specific types of items).

Various consultations with local and regional consumers and stakeholders are conducted over a period of time then the data is reviewed and compared and a final report is completed to provide a full overview of the Gap Analysis results.


For more information about this project please contact the Economic Development Team at 705-687-2230 or Jeff Loney, Manager of Economic Development at