Emergency Operations Division - Town of Gravenhurst

Gravenhurst Fire Truck

Emergency Operations Division

The Emergency Operations Division is perhaps the most visible branch of our department. Staffed by over 50 dedicated part-time (volunteer) firefighters, these men and women come from all walks of life. They invest hundreds of hours every year in training, emergency response and community activities to "give back" to our community whenever the need arises.

From structural and wildland fires, to motor vehicle accidents, to water and ice rescues, our firefighters stand ready to respond to a call for help from their neighbours, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! And they do so willingly with a strong sense of community, a desire to serve and selfless heart... "so that others may live".

You'll also see us at community events and fund-raising activities for various charities. From the Santa Claus parade to food drives - we're there because this is our community!

The Emergency Operations Division is under the direct supervision of the Deputy Chief and Platoon Chief, and is comprised of Captains, Lieutenants and firefighters at each of our three stations. Each station can respond individually, or in a coordinated fashion with one or more stations depending on the nature of the emergency being responded to - for example, a structure fire is always responded to by at least two stations.

With a large portion of our community being unserviced (no hydrants) our firefighters are particularly skilled at obtaining water from ponds, rivers and lakes when needed.

Our reputation is one of selfless dedication - a tradition of service established by those firefighters who have gone before us. It is a heritage we are proud of, and one that we work hard every day to carry on!


All emergency services rely on proper access to properties in order to provide help in time of need. For private roadways or driveways, we strongly recommend the following access route parameters:

.         6 meters or 20 feet clear width

.         5 meters or 16 feet, 5 inches clear height

.         have a centre line radius not less than 12 meters or 40 feet

.         have a change of gradient not more than 1 in 12.5 over a minimum distance of 15 meters or 50 feet

.         be designed to support the expected loads imposed by firefighting equipment and be surfaced with concrete, asphalt or other material designed to permit accessibility under all climatic conditions,

.         have turnaround facilities for any dead-end portion of the access route more than 90 meters or 300 feet long and

.         be connected with a public thoroughfare

In addition, keep:

  • brush and trees well-trimmed during the growing season
  • clear storm debris quickly and
  • winter maintenance and snow removal is essential if access by emergency vehicles is expected.

Remember, if your property is not accessible by public roadway, emergency services may not be able to reach you in an emergency. Water access only properties are at a greater risk and therefore we urge you to place a greater emphasis on preventative measures.