Open Air Burning - Town of Gravenhurst

Gravenhurst Fire Truck

Open Air Burning

Daytime burning is not permitted.

Current Fire Danger Rating - Moderate

Call 1-877-847-1577 for a verbal version of the current Muskoka Forest Fire Danger Rating.

By-Law Infractions

Between April 1 and October 31 each year, open air burning in Gravenhurst is regulated by the Burning Control By-law (By-law number 2005-208 as amended).

Daytime burning is not permitted.  There are also size limits, clearance requirements, provisions respecting fire control measures you must have in place as well as other provisions under the by-law which you must be aware of if you decide to burn.  Please refer to for more information or call the By-law Enforcement Division at 705 687 3412, extension 241 for more information about this.

The By-law Enforcement Division is responsible for the enforcement of this by-law and persons found to be violating provisions of it are subject to prosecution.

Open Air Burning and Cost Recovery

Cost recovery applies if the Fire Department responds to an incident related to Open Air Burning.

Town Council has enabled a policy surrounding cost recovery for fire department responses to situations involving violations of the Burning Control By-Law through the User Fees and Charges By-law. This cost recovery effort is separate and distinct from any enforcement action that may be initiated under the Burning Control By-law  by the Town's By-Law Enforcement Division.

Essentially, the Fees and Charges By-law authorizes the Fire Department to attempt to recover costs through the issuance of an invoice to the property owner after attendance at a fire where it can be shown that this occurred because of someone's choice to disobey the law.

As authorized by Council, invoices issued reflect a cost of $459.45 per hour per truck, which is the standard rate in Ontario, plus the costs of attending firefighter wages. Because the department uses volunteer firefighters for response purposes, the cost of wages varies from day-to-day, and from incident-to-incident.

Please note that the fire department does not respond to simple open air burning complaints where there is no threat to public safety.  These are referred to By-law enforcement staff for investigation as their resources allow (please call 705-687-3412, extension 241). Occasionally, firefighters do discover by-law infractions upon being sent to reports of grass fires, trees on fire or other similar circumstances. None-the-less, the cost recovery process is followed when these instances are discovered in an attempt to be fair to all constituents.