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Gravenhurst Archives

Gravenhurst Archives holds the history of Gravenhurst including former townships of Morrison, Ryde and Muskoka in over 500 collections provided by donors. These include the Cecil Porter, Henry Fry, Osmond Adams, Lloyd Stamp, Gravenhurst High School, and Muskoka Summer Theatre Fonds.  Over 62,000 photographs and documents have been digitized to a fully searchable database housed on Gravenhurst Public Library Computers. The extensive collection of Gravenhurst newspapers exist on microfilm. We receive new items and collections weekly -- family trees, photographs, artifacts, yearbooks,letters, deeds all of which are protected for future generations. Do we have your history?

Appointments are required.  The members of the archives are volunteers and do not have set hours.

For appointments please email or call Judy at 705-687-6289

 Available for Purchase at the Library

Gravenhurst Early Days, Early Ways book cover                                         

Gravenhurst Early Days, Early Ways  
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For more information please contact the 705-687-3382.