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First Nation Communities READing Circle : Book List 

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Muskoka Public Library Boards and Staff are thrilled to invite you to join in the
celebration for Family Literacy Day on Friday, January 26, & Saturday January 27! How? By spending 15 minutes reading and then bragging about it to your local Library:

  • In person - visit your library and let them know you did it!
  • Telephone - call your library and share the news
  • Online - Visit your library website and complete the quick reporting form
  • Send your library an email
  • Visit library social media tools and post the hashtag #Readfor15Muskoka on Twitter, Facebook,
    and Instagram.

You're supporting Family Literacy Day which is a national event held annually on
January 27 to raise awareness of the importance of reading and engaging in other
literacy-related activities.  For every 15 minutes reported the library will post a red
maple leaf. The goal is for each library to post 150 maple leaves. (Last year we posted 200)!  


tech time training image
Tech Time Training

Fridays at 12 - Drop in
Join us for classes to learn about a new technology topic every week! Bring your personal devices if you would like to follow along.  Personal devices are not necessary. 


Overdrive - January 19

Learn how to download eBooks and eAudiobooks to your tablet or smartphone.

Internet Safety - January 26

Join Constable Matthew MacBride at Gravenhurst Public Library to learn how to keep yourself safe online.


Facebook - February 2

Learn how to make an account, how to add friends, how to navigate Facebook, and much more.

Pinterest - February 9

Learn how to make an account, how to save recipes and other interesting topics, and how to search Pinterest.

Snapchat / Instagram - February 16

Learn how to showcase your photos online, and how to send your friends funny pictures or videos.

Twitter - February 23

Learn how to make an account, how to navigate twitter, and much more.

 internet safety poster


 suitcase with knitting supplies

Needlecraft Club

 If you enjoy knitting, crocheting, quilting, needle point and more, this club is for you.

Join us for a chance to meet other crafters in the community.

Held at the Library on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month, at 6:00 pm.