Council Moves to Allow MRC Lands to Enter Open Market

Posted on Wednesday November 08, 2017
November 8, 2017
Council Moves to Allow MRC Lands to Enter Open Market
Economic Development and Employment - Non Negotiable
Gravenhurst, ON – Today Council met for a Special Meeting to receive an update and hear further recommendations from staff on the best course of action to move the Muskoka Regional Centre (MRC) redevelopment project forward.
Following news of an impasse in negotiations with the Province at the last special Council meeting held October 5th, and despite best efforts to elicit a political solution to move the project forward by the Mayor.  The Province remains unwilling to resume further negotiations with the proposal at hand.
“Council and I have agreed today that the best way to move this project forward is to relinquish our authorization to negotiate any further on behalf of the joint venture Maple Leaf Schools and Knightstone Capital Management Inc.,” said Mayor Donaldson. “In doing so, our best chance in having this land redeveloped is to allow the property to go to the ‘open market’, sooner, rather than later,” added the Mayor. “That being said, the Town holds its position very firmly with the Province, that these lands must be sold to a developer that will bring sustainable employment opportunities to Gravenhurst, this is non-negotiable.”
“With the Muskoka Regional Centre property going to the ‘open market’ there is an excellent chance that Maple Leaf Schools will still come forward with a refined proposal that will be mutually agreeable with the Province.  This would be an ideal scenario and help our community achieve the same goals we had originally set out for,” said Glen Davies, Chief Administrative Officer. “The Town has spent a considerable amount of time and effort trying to move this process forward. We are counting on the Province to respect our goal in keeping the land largely for employment generation,” added Davies.
Despite a decision to move the MRC lands to an ‘open market’, the Town of Gravenhurst will continue to explore additional options in preventing the lands from becoming a single residential unit or family compound, which would create no jobs or any economic, social or cultural benefit to the community.  
Community members and stakeholders concerned with the final outcome and redevelopment of the Muskoka Regional Centre property are strongly encouraged to contact their local Member of Provincial Parliament and clearly indicate why they feel it is so important to ensure these lands are used for employment and economic growth in Gravenhurst. To view the full Council report please visit: [link].  
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For more information, please contact:
Glen B. Davies
Chief Administrative Officer
705-687-3412 Ext. 245