Community Based Strategic Plan- Progress Report

Posted on Tuesday August 16, 2016
August 16, 2016
Community Based Strategic Plan- Progress Report
Staff Work to Prioritize Key Aspects and Ready Plan for Implementation
Gravenhurst, On – The Gravenhurst Community Based Strategic Plan, approved by Council in December 2015, is moving along in a productive and positive manner, as the Town’s senior management team work to establish and prioritize key aspects for implementation.
“We will be presenting for Council’s consideration, four years of priorities within the
20-year horizon of the Gravenhurst Strategic Plan,” said Glen Davies, Chief Administrative Officer. “In total, five goals and 53 actions/tactics are being prioritized. This is a difficult challenge, as not all actions/tactics can be considered equal in standing, and not all will be identified as priorities,” explained Davies.
Through the professional services of Claire Tucker-Reid of Tucker Reid and Associates, senior management are participating in a series of workshops to develop an implementation plan which will help to clarify priorities, limitations and establish a performance tracking system to capture the progress of the plan. “What we are really doing here, is creating greater ownership of the plan and gaining a better understanding of the relationships between strategic goals and operational resources,” said Davies. “Our goal is to present the completed implementation plan by September.”
Following the prioritization of the plan, staff will utilize budget deliberations to allocate resources (fiscal, physical and human resources). Senior management will act as ambassadors in introducing and supporting a stronger culture of action and accountability within the public service. “Staff is key to ensuring the success of the plan,” said Davies. “This process will align strategic goals to work plans and contribute to a greater sense of pride in contributing to Gravenhurst’s overall success,” stated Davies. “Over time, the plan will help Council and Administration make choices about where to invest scarce resources.”
As key priorities of the plan come to fruition, communications will continue to play a significant role in keeping our Community engaged and aware of the progress made.
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Glen B. Davies
Chief Administrative Officer
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