Opera House interior

Rent the House

The Gravenhurst Opera House, which opened on March 12th 1901, is a spectacular heritage theatre with over one hundred years of rich history and cultural significance. While maintaining its historical appeal, the Opera House is fully equipped to accommodate your production with state-of-the-art Audio & Lighting systems. Our Front of House PA System includes a 32-channel digital console, 6 individual stage wedge monitors & 4 IEM mixes. 

The Gravenhurst Opera House has become the cornerstone of our arts, culture and heritage in Gravenhurst. Click here to: Rent the Opera House Main Stage or Rent the Trillium Court. 

Rental Rates & Information

For additional information about renting the Opera House, or to make a booking please contact James Fairbairn by calling 705-687-5550 (Toll-Free 1-888-495-8888) or via E-mail: operahousebookings@gravenhurst.ca

Scenic photo of the Gravenhurst Opera House