Why a Municipal Cultural Plan - Town of Gravenhurst

Why a Municipal Cultural Plan

Why a Municipal Cultural Plan?

The Town of Gravenhurst is developing a Municipal Cultural Plan that will promote the Town as a creative and vibrant community where cultural assets are playing an increasingly important role in growing the local economy and enhancing quality of life. The Plan will support and advance one of Council’s values “to continue to support a sustainable community that embraces a balanced quality of life including arts, culture and recreation.” The Municipal Cultural Plan will also make recommendations to support other key municipal planning priorities including downtown revitalization, a new Economic Development Strategy, the review of the pending review of the Official Plan in 2014, among others.

The Municipal Cultural Plan will define concrete strategies and actions to leverage the town’s rich cultural resources to support economic and broader community development goals. A strong focus will be on helping to better network and coordinate cultural groups and activities, increasing awareness of cultural resources and activities for residents and tourists, building stronger networks between the municipality and the cultural, business and community partners whose support will be key to success implementing the Municipal Cultural Plan, among others.

The consulting firm of Millier Dickinson Blais has been retained to support the development of the Municipal Cultural Plan. The project is being guided by a Steering Committee made up of municipal staff and key community stakeholders who will offer valuable insights into cultural needs and opportunities in the municipality. Members of the steering committee include: Allyn Abbott, Ann Curley, Eileen Freer, Fred Schulz, Hank Smith, Mary Storey, Peter Swanek, Amy Taylor and Councillor Joe Donoghue.