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Be Prepared

'Gravenhurst' Let's See What's in Your Emergency Kit!


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Does your family have a 72-Hour Emergency Kit prepared in the event of an emergency?  If not, it's time to start planning for the various types of emergencies that could occur in Gravenhurst.  
The theme for 2017 Emergency Preparedness Week is Plan - Prepare - Be Aware.  Officials in Gravenhurst are encouraging residents to ensure they have a household or family emergency PlanPrepare for emergencies by knowing the risks and reviewing/refreshing or creating their 72-Hour Emergency Kit and Be Aware of the potential for different types of emergencies that may occur in and around the community.
"As spring clean-up efforts around our community continue and we can begin to enjoy the warmer weather, it's time to review our family emergency plans and refresh our emergency kits in the event that we need to get out of our homes quickly," says Candace Thwaites, community emergency management coordinator for 
Preparing for an emergency also includes being prepared if you have to leave your home unexpectedly.  "In the case of a flood, severe wind storm, forest fire or other similar emergency, everyone should have a plan on where they could go in an emergency," says Thwaites.  "An evacuation or 'go kit' needs to contain all of the same things as your 72-hour kit plus enough clothing to last several days, medication, personal hygiene items, pet food, a way to safely transport pets and personal identification.  Talking with friends or relatives who live out of town in advance is not over-reacting, it's simply being prepared,"she added.
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In accordance with the Emergency Management and Civic Protection Act, every municipality is required to have an Emergency Plan and an Emergency Management Program for the municipality.

The Town of Gravenhurst has designated Community Emergency Management Coordinator(s) and a Community Control Group to oversee the plan and coordinate response to any emergency situation that might occur.

The Town of Gravenhurst works closely with community partners, local emergency services, neighbouring municipalities and other levels of government for the protection of life and property and to mitigate effects in the event of an emergency situation.

Town of Gravenhurst Emergency Plan (PDF)

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For information on how you can prepare for an emergency, please visit our Personal Preparedness  page.

To contact Emergency Planning staff, please e-mail or call 705-687-3412 Ext. 234.