Cemeteries and Memorials - Town of Gravenhurst

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Cemeteries and Memorials

The Town is responsible for the operation and maintenance of 13 cemeteries located throughout the municipality, many of which have names that are unique to their location.

Our Locations tab below contains information on the 13 cemeteries that are managed and operated by the Town. 

The  Barkway Pioneer and Lewisham Cemeteries are inactive. The Town of Gravenhurst provides care and maintenance only.


 Cemetery Locations

  • Barkway (Barkway)

  • Barkway Pioneer (Barkway) (Inactive Cemetery)

  • Bethel (Severn Bridge)

  • Church of our Lady (Southwood)

  • Lakeview (Gravenhurst)

  • Lewisham (Lewisham) (Inactive Cemetery)

  • Mickle Memorial (Gravenhurst)

  • Morrison United (Morrison)

  • Muskoka North (Reay) (Gravenhurst)

  • St. Paul's Roman Catholic (Gravenhurst)

  • St. James Anglican (Gravenhurst)

  • Symington (Morrison)

  • Kilworthy Lutheran Cemetery


For legislation regarding cemeteries, please review the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002

Contact the Cemetery Office at 705-687-5106 for specific locations of the cemeteries within Gravenhurst.

For rules and regulations about Municipal Cemeteries or for any other questions, please contact The Town Office at 705-687-3412.