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Ken Esley

Ken Elsey (Chair)


Ken has had an extensive career dealing with a broad range of environmental issues.

As the past President & CEO of the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance, a non-profit organization, Ken advocated for the sustainable use of energy resources across Canada.  Prior to that he was Vice President of Electro-Federation Canada and responsible for the creation of Electronic Product Stewardship Canada ... the founding organization which deals with the collection and recycling of all electrical and electronic products, a role which saw the protection of the environment as a critical objective.

In addition he has held numerous positions nationally and internationally dealing with energy efficiency and the environment.

Building Code Conservation Advisory Council - established by the Ontario Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to advise on how to make the construction of new homes as energy efficient as possible and minimize the impact on the environment.

International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC-SG1) - established in 2007 to look at developments in energy efficiency and renewable resources and map the IEC's direction for standardization work in these areas.  To find new ways of achieving energy efficiency in the electrotechnical domain, to set objectives for electrical energy efficiency in products and systems. 

Canadian Standard Association (CSA) Strategic Council on Performance, Energy Efficiency and Renewables (SCOPEER).  This council looks at all CSA standards dealing with an energy component and recommends means of improvement.  From appliances to lighting CSA develops the standards needed to create a more energy efficient and cleaner environment.

Board of Directors, EnerQuality Corporation, EnerQuality designs and delivers green building programs to the residential construction industry. The mission is to transform Ontario's housing into the most energy efficient and sustainable in the world.

Ken, along with his wife Penny, have been cottagers in Gravenhurst since 2000 and have been full time residents since retiring in 2011.

Brenda Beatty

Brenda Beatty

Dr. Brenda Beatty's interest in Muskoka and the protection of its unique environment is long standing. Her family has enjoyed Muskoka cottage life on Fairhaven Island since the late 1800s. She acquired her present property in 1985, and became a year round resident of Gravenhurst in 2009, after rebuilding her Lake Muskoka cottage to better suit our Canadian winters. She has served on the GEAC for several years.  Professionally, Dr Beatty enjoyed many years in the Ontario public secondary school system as an English, Media and Drama instructor, Media Coordinator, regional curriculum team designer and writer, professional development facilitator, and leadership developer. She completed her principal certification papers in the late 1990's, which reignited her passion for educational research, whereupon she embarked on her doctoral journey and academic career. A graduate of OISE University of Toronto Canada, she studied with Professor Andy Hargreaves. Her thesis, Emotion Matters in Educational Leadership: Examining the Unexamined, won the Thomas B. Greenfield award for best Canadian doctoral dissertation of the year in educational administration. The Educational Leadership research adventure has taken her to many distant lands.  She joined the academy in 2001 as Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at Texas State University, San Marcos. In January of 2004 she emigrated to Australia and became a tenured faculty member with Monash University Faculty of Education.  Brenda designed and Directed the Monash Master in School Leadership course as well as the Victoria Department of Education - sponsored Mentoring for First Time Principals, and Human Leadership programs. In 2010, she joined the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education's leadership team as Deputy Director of its new, Masters in School Leadership, working remotely from her Gravenhurst home and travelling to Australia twice a year.  As an international scholar, guest lecturer and keynote speaker, she has presented her work in China, Ireland, England, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, Australia and Italy. Brenda has been awarded a national Fellowship with the Australian Council for Educational Leaders (FACEL) in recognition of her contribution to educational leadership in Australia.In addition to her abiding interest in the environment, she is presently working as an alternative dispute resolution practitioner applying transformative mediation principles and practices. Dr Beatty also lectures and conducts research on the emotions of leadership, leadership development, school improvement, creating collaborative cultures, organizational change, student sense of connectedness and well being at school and the use of interactive web-based technologies to support the development of professional learning communities. Following early publications on Global Education, her further research appears in various refereed journals, and chapters; e.g., International Handbook on Values Education and Student Wellbeing The Sage Handbook of Workplace Learning,Canadian Educational Leadership, Australian Educational Leadership today: Issues and trends, The International Handbook on the Preparation and Development of School Leaders.  Dr Beatty's (2008) book, co-authored with Professor Ken Leithwood of OISE University of Toronto is entitled Leading with Teacher Emotions in Mind. It explores teachers' working conditions as students' learning conditions and what principals can do to support the learning of all members in their school learning communities, including themselves.
Bev Wicks Bev Wicks PhDBev was born and raised, and currently lives in Gravenhurst. She is a Senior Ecologist/Principal for an environmental consulting firm. Bev has 10 years of academic training and over 18 years of applied experience as an aquatic ecologist. She is qualified to complete ecological inventories and complete assessments using all the relevant municipal, provincial, and federal environmental policies and legislation. Bev regularly works in the private and public sectors on both small projects and within large multi-disciplinary teams, providing expertise and developing mitigation measures to reduce impacts resulting from development.

Judy Cambell

Judy Campbell

Judy Campbell is a retired educator, thrilled to be retired and living in rural Gravenhurst. She loves to spend time outside.

Sandy Cairns (Council Representative)



Randy Jorgensen (Vice-Chair) (Council Representative)