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Terence Haight Grant

Introduction of Program

The Terence Haight Financial Assistance program was established by the Town of Gravenhurst Council to provide limited financial assistance to community groups and organizations within the municipality to assist with activities, special events or with an improvement to the organization's existing assets. This support is in recognition of the value of these Organizations to the well being of the community.

Terence Haight Grant Application

Thank you to all who have submitted applications. We will contact successful applicants in the New Year!

About Terence Haight

Terence Haight

Terence Haight was born in Peterborough, Ontario, November 5, 1920. His father, a newspaper pressman, moved the young family to Bracebridge for the beauty of the area and clean air. Terence, along with his three brothers and one sister, loved the outdoors, swimming, canoeing, snowshoeing and skiing. They also helped tend their father's vegetable garden, hunted and trapped.

As a young man, Mr. Haight ran a bakery in nearby Bracebridge, and the tourist establishments in Gravenhurst always gave him plenty of business. Eventually marrying a Gravenhurst woman named Audrey McDonald, they moved two hours away to North Bay, where he worked in a hardware store. After Audrey died, Terence relocated to New Liskeard, Ontario.

Mr. Haight was a private, yet very much community-minded person. Although he helped many causes in his community of New Liskeard, he did not seek attention, preferring to donate in a discreet, charitable manner.

What his friends and neighbours did not know was that Terence had invested in mining stocks and quietly amassed a small fortune. To everyone's surprise he bequeathed over $ 1 million dollars to the Town of Gravenhurst.

Why did Terence Haight choose Gravenhurst? We know he had a great appreciation for the Town of Gravenhurst during the time he ran his bakery, but more importantly his wife Audrey McDonald grew up in the Town, at 22 David St. East, the daughter of John McDonald, a lumberman. Terence chose to be laid to rest in Gravenhurst. He was buried beside his wife in Lakeview Cemetery, December 2008.

"Terrence Haight was a leader and a visionary and would rather have seen his lifetime savings used for a long term vision rather than just providing a short term solution," said his former Pastor, Father John Lemire.

In October 2011, a public dedication ceremony took place in Gravenhurst honouring Mr. Haight's memory and contributions to the Town. Besides the million dollar gift for the Town of Gravenhurst, he left portions to a hospital, the Salvation Army and his parish.

After a number of suggestions from Gravenhurst residents as to how the Town should manage the financial gift left by Mr. Haight, Council decided on establishing an annual Grant program in which local organizations could put forth applications. This grant is known today as 'The Terence Haight Financial Assistance Program'.


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Evaluation & Policy

Upcoming Events

Tune into 'Lake Effect' on Hunters Bay Radio 88.7 FM Saturday November 18 at 6:30 am to here more about the program with Laura Meikle and Randy Jorgensen. 

2018 Applications Due:  Please complete the 2018 grant application form and submit before December 7, 2017 at 4:30pm to: cathy.ley@gravenhurst.ca OR Town of Gravenhurst Municipal Office, Tax Counter Attn: Terence Haight Financial Assistance Program 5 Pineridge Gate Rd., Gravenhurst ON P1P 1Z3



Committee Members

  • Laura Meikle (Chair)

  • Cam Smith

  • Tara Whipp

  • Bob Colhoun (Council Representative)

  • Randy Jorgensen (Council Representative)

  • Val Sequeira, Staff Liaison

Past Recipients



$1,500 Ryde Community Co-op

$6,900 Severn Bridge Community Hall

$3,200 Free Stuff For daily Needs


$1,000.00 Women's Wellness Conference

$1,000.00 Gravenhurst Fine Films

$1,000.00 The Network Gravenhurst

$1,000.00 YWCA Muskoka

$1,000.00 Junior Achievers

$1,500.00 Muskoka Concert Association

$2,500.00 Gravenhurst Supper Club

$5,000.00 Gravenhurst Women's Centre

$6,000.00 Trinity United Church


Photo Gallery: Terence Haight Community Grants 2017 will appear here on the public site.

$5,100.00 Severn Bridge Agricultural Society

$3,000.00 Sawdust City Music Festival

$3,000.00 Junior Achievement

$2,800.00 Empty Bowls Gravenhurst

$2,600.00 Ryde Community Co-operative Inc.

$1,000.00 Gravenhurst Women's Centre

$1,000.00 Muskoka Pride

$1,000.00 Gravenhurst Curling Club

$500.00 Big Brothers Big Sisters