Winter Control - Town of Gravenhurst

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Winter Control

Gravenhurst is committed to keeping the town safe during winter events

  1. The Town of Gravenhurst will ensure that roadways are maintained in such a manner as
    to deliver efficient, cost-effective services within the Town so far as reasonably practical,
    prevent or reduce accident and injury, and facilitate access for emergencies by the
    emergency responders and police services.

  2. The Town will review and continually improve on the effective delivery of winter
    maintenance and the management of road salt use, as outlined in the Environment
    Canada's Code of Practice for the Environmental Management of Road Salts;

  3. The Town will establish a level of service that is fiscally responsible and adequate for
    winter control operations for municipal roads and parking lots and to allocate the
    appropriate budget and resources that are needed to provide that level of service.

  4. The Town is responsible for the maintenance of the Town of Gravenhurst and District
    Municipality of Muskoka area road sections:

    1. As a minimum, the Town will adhere to the Minimum Maintenance Standards
      (MMS) for Municipal Highways as prescribed by the Ontario Ministry of
      Transportation under O.Reg.239/02, as amended from time to time.

    2. As a minimum, the Town will adhere to the most recent version of the District's
      Operations Control Guide for the maintenance of District area roads dated
      January 2014.

  5. The Town acknowledges that there may be times when, due to the severity of a winter
    storm, the level of service may not be achieved within the usual time allotted. Under such
    circumstances, the Town will endeavour to recover winter maintenance operations in
    accordance with the Winter Control Plan as soon as practicable.

Gravenhurst Winter Control By-Law