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Consents and Land Severances are approved by the Committee of Adjustment.

Consent applications are required to create a new lot, right-of-way, easement or any change to existing property boundaries (lot additions). Consent applications are also required if a landowner wants to sell, mortgage, charge or enter into any agreement (over 21 years) for a portion of their land

If several lots are being created, a Subdivision or Condominium application may be more appropriate. The District Muskoka is the approval authority for Plans of Subdivision and Condominium. For more information please visit the District of Muskoka Plans of Subdivision and Condominium Descriptions page.

Why do I need approval to sever my land?

Consents are governed by the Ontario Planning Act to ensure orderly development and proper allocations of municipal resources. The consent process requires that new lots and land uses do not create land use conflicts by ensuring that the municipality's planning goals and policies (Official Plan and Zoning By-law) are complied with.

Consideration is given to the suitability of the land for the proposed use, as well as the overall effects of the proposed development on the surrounding neighbourhood and community as a whole.

Consent Applications

Prior to submitting a Consent application, please contact the Planning Department for information regarding specific requirements and to arrange a pre-consultation meeting with Town staff. In order to support your application, you may be asked for addition information such as a planning justification report or other required study. All applications must be completed in full prior to submission.

Consent applications are approved by the Committee of Adjustment at a public meeting. The decision to approve or deny an application is made after consideration of Planning staff recommendations and public comments. Formal objections to Committee's decision can be submitted to the Ontario Municipal Board within 20 days of the date of decision. For more information about the appeals, please visit the Ontario Municipal Board Website.

To apply for a consent, please fill out a Consent application form.

For general information on Consents and Land severances in Ontario, please visit the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.