Deputations - Town of Gravenhurst

Town of Gravenhurst Municipal Building


Deputations to Council are generally received at the Committee of the Whole meeting held on the third Tuesday of each month. Confirmation of the meeting date will be provided by the Legislative Services Department.

The Procedural By-law for the Town of Gravenhurst outlines the procedures for all deputations/delegations to Council.

You may fill out our online  Request for Deputation form, or pick up the form in person at the municipal office. 

We will contact you to confirm your attendance once the form has been reviewed by the Clerk or designate.

To be placed on the next Committee of the Whole or Planning Council agenda, completed Deputation Request Forms must be received by the Legislative Services Department by no later than 12:00 Noon on the Friday prior to the scheduled meeting.

Helpful Hints for Your Deputation

  • Have you consulted with a member of staff yet about the nature of your deputation? Not all matters require a presentation to Council. If you are not sure, speak with a member of the Legislative Services Department
  • Maximum time permitted is ten minutes but may be reduced depending on the number of agenda items for the given date. You may want to have speaking notes to ensure that you are able to effectively utilize the ten minutes
  • You may speak only to the matter in which permission has been granted to address Council
  • Start by thanking the Chair and the Committee
  • Introduce yourself and explain the purpose of your deputation
  • If you represent a group, explain a little bit about the group and their mandate
  • Be sure to present your information through the Chair
  • If you have written material that you wish the Members of Council to have for the meeting, it should be provided to the Legislative Services Department prior to Noon on the Wednesday prior to the meeting for the agenda package
  • If you are bringing handout material for distribution at the meeting, you will require twelve copies to be provided to the Clerk prior to the meeting
  • Be prepared for questions at the end of your deputation as Members of Council may be looking for additional information on your request or the activities of your group
  • Be respectful of everyone in attendance including Council, the public and staff. Refrain from the use of offensive words and do not disobey the rules of procedure or the decision of Committee or Council