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Guide to Building Permit

What is a building permit?

  • A building permit provides formal permission to begin construction or demolition.
  • It means that the Town of Gravenhurst has approved plans for a new structure, addition or renovation.
  • Approved plans must comply with the Ontario Building Code, local zoning by-laws, and other applicable laws and regulations. The Building department can provide the contact information if required.

Who is responsible?

  • The property owner is responsible for any works started/completed on the property. Often the contractor will, as part of a contract, apply and obtain a building permit.
  • Any person found constructing or demolishing a building or causing the construction or demolition without a permit will be issued an Order to Comply and may be fined and/or face legal action.

Why is a permit required? –The Building Code Act

  • It is a requirement under the Building Code Act
  • The Ontario Building Code is essentially a set of minimum provisions respecting the safety of buildings with reference to public health, fire protection, accessibility and structural sufficiency.

What projects need a building permit?

As per the Building Code Act 8. (1) No person shall construct or demolish a building or cause a building to be constructed or demolished unless a permit has been issued therefor by the chief building official.  1992, c.23, s.8(1); 1997, c.30, Sched. B, s.7(1).

The Building Code Act requires a building permit for the construction of any structure, which results in a building area of over ten metres squared (108 square feet) including additions, alternations, and renovations and includes plumbing not located in a structure and other designated structures.

Partial List of projects that require a Building Permit

Partial List of projects that do not require a Building Permit