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Municipal Heritage Committee

Municipal Heritage Committee"Our heritage is more than a record of the past. It is the common ground that sustains our communities in a world of change, and anchors our sense of who we are. It is a source of inspiration and confidence about what we can achieve. This inheritance is not ours to squander or neglect. We are the stewards of legacies which we must use wisely". (Ministry of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation, 1995)

The Municipal Heritage Committee is an Advisory Committee to Council made up of one Council member, six volunteers from the community and one Town staff liaison.

The Committee advises Council on local heritage matters and provides input on Town policy in addition to recommending heritage related by-laws.

The MHC has taken the lead role in organizing Doors Open Gravenhurst as well as the Port Hole to the Past events.

Designating Properties

One of the mandates of the Committee is to identify heritage resources and evaluate their condition and community value. Periodically, the MHC will make recommendations for designations and updates to the Town's Municipal Register.

The Town of Gravenhurst Municipal Register is available here: Municipal Register (PDF).

Terms of Reference

The MHC Terms of Reference is available here: MHC Terms of Reference (PDF).


  • Henry Smith (Chair)
  • Michael Wayling (Vice Chair)
  • William Allison
  • Barb Barrowman
  • Eileen Godfrey
  • Nancy Lynch
  • Sylvia Purdon
  • Carole Ann Simpson
  • Richard Tatley
  • Sandy Cairns (Council Representative)
  • Jeremy Rand (Staff Liaison)

Agendas and Minutes

The Municipal Heritage Committee meets on the second Tuesday of every month.

For Agendas and Minutes please click here:MHC Agendas and Minutes.