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Permit Not Required

If you are not clear about your structure needing a permit – call us!

As per the Building Code Act 8.(1) No person shall construct or demolish a building or cause a building to be constructed or demolished unless a permit has been issued therefor by the chief building official.  1992, c.23, s.8(1); 1997, c.30, Sched. B, s.7(1).

What projects MAY not require a building permit?

  • A building permit may not be required for a detached accessory structure that measures 10 square metres or 108 square feet or less that does not contain plumbing
  • You must still comply with the requirements of the Zoning By-law and other applicable law. The following are examples for Single Detached Residential Dwelling that may not require a building permit. 
  • Roof re-shingle provided no structural repairs.
  • Eaves trough provided drainage is contained on a property.
  • Kitchen or bathroom cupboards without changes to plumbing.
  • Replace siding or windows with the same material and opening, no structural change -provided dwelling is 4 feet from property line.
  • Painting, flooring and decorating.
  • Landscaping – any landscaping shall be:

    • graded so that it will not adversely affect adjacent property.
    • Direct water away from the building.
  • Fences
  • Class 1 sewage system (outhouse).
  • Tents less than 60 square metres in aggregate area constructed more than 3m from other structures.