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PreAuthorized Payment Plans


Pre-Authorized Debit Application Form (PDF)

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Never worry about missing a due date again!
  • NO special trips or line-ups
  • NO postage
  • NO cheques
  • NO late payment fees

The Town of Gravenhurst offers two types of pre-authorized payment plans:

  1. Installment Due Date Plan - Your regular tax bill is mailed to you as usual, but the amount due is automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the due date.
  2. 11-Month - Plan Amortize your taxes over 11 monthly payments instead of just 2


Points to Remember:

Authorization will not be required each year, the plan automatically renews annually.  However, every year, you will be notified of your new payment amounts for the following taxation year.

Your pre-authorized debit is NOT transferable.  If you acquire a new property, you must complete a new application form.

If your banking information changes or you wish to withdraw from the plan, you must provide the Town of Gravenhurst Tax Department 21 days written notice.

There is a service fee for all payments refused by your banking institution.  Subscribers to the pre-authorized debit plan, who have more than two (2) refused payments in a year will be removed from the plan.  The balance of taxes will become due on the regular due dates and subject to standard penalties and interest of 1.25% per month for any late payments. 

Supplementary Tax Bills are not included in the plan 

If you are enrolled in the Town of Gravenhurst's pre-authorized debit plan and receive a supplementary tax bill for improvements to your property, the terms and conditions of the plan require you to pay these tax charges separately by the due date stated on the bill.