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Residential Building Inspections

Residential building inspections are required during construction to ensure all work is done according to the approved plans as prescribed by the Ontario Building Code.

Changes to plans must be submitted to the Building Department for review prior to proceeding.

An inpsection must be completed prior to covering any work or proceeding to the next stage of construction.

Failure to comply may result in the contractor/builder uncovering the work required for the inspection at his/her expense before proceeding with construction.

Permits must be posted onsite in a visible location. The plans must be kept at the construction site and made available to the inspector.

Booking an Inspection by Phone

  • Provide 2 business days notice.
  • Call the automated inspection line at 705-687-2230 Ext. 263.  

We will require:

  1. Building permit number
  2. Municipal street address
  3. Date inspection is required
  4. Contact name and telephone number

Typical Inspections for a Dwelling (Guide Only)

The table below outlines when to call for an inspection on a typical residential project.  Section 10.2 of the Building Code Act sets out the prescribed notices that are required.



Water and or Sewer Connection

 When services installed and under required test prior to covering.


When all forms are in place prior to pouring concrete.  If constructed on fill, the engineer's report will be required prior to inspection.

Foundation  pre backfill

When the foundation is complete, required drainage, damp proofing or waterproofing prior to backfilling.

 Plumbing Underslab

 When all below slab plumbing is installed and under required test, prior to covering any piping.


When all framing is complete.  Prefer if electrical, plumbing, central vacuum and HVAC rough-in is complete.  Exterior air barrier, roof shingles and windows installations should also be completed.

Fire Place/Woodstove Rough In

When the rough-in framing of appliances and chimneys are complete.

Insulation & Vapour Barrier

Insulation and vapour barriers, prior to applying any interior finishes.  If air barrier was not complete for framing, must be complete at this time prior to exterior cladding.

Fire Protection

When all the fire protection systems, fire seprations and required closures are complete.

Plumbing Rough-in

All piping completed and under required test.  Pipes should be permanently connected.

HVAC Rough-in

All ductwork for heating and ventiliation are complete.

 Plumbing Final

When all fixtures are installed and operational.  Proof of potable water for non-municipal services.  Hot water supply required.


No person shall occupy a dwelling until an occupancy permit has been issued and all requirements of Div. C, Part 1, Article of the building code are operational and complete.


When all construction, or demolition is complete, in accordance with the plans authorized for the permit..

Inspection Forms