Roads - Town of Gravenhurst

Town Hall


The Roads Division falls under the Infrastructure Services Department.

The Road division is mandated by legislation and Town policy to manage, maintain and repair the existing infrastructure comprising of:

  • Roadway system
  • Sidewalk system
  • Storm water system
  • Streetlight system fleet
  • Parking lots

The division is supported by staff maintaining approximately 260 km of roadway with 11 structures and an additional 107 km of District roadway, in rural and urban settings, providing unique and different challenges.

The Town of Gravenhurst has a service agreement with the District Municipality of Muskoka for the Maintenance of the Muskoka road system that lies within the Town of Gravenhurst.  These Services are preformed in conjunction with the regular Town services and the costs are invoiced to the District for the services rendered.

Some examples of the requests for services that are handled by the Roads Division are as follows:

  • Snow covered or ice condition roads
  • Cleaning of damaged culverts replacement
  • Drainage and ditching maintenance
  • Pot holes requiring repair or grading
  • Road sign repair or replacement
  • Removal or maintenance of trees on road allowances
  • Entrance permits required on Town owned roadways