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Site Plan Agreements

A Site Plan Agreement establishes both design and technical aspects of development over and above the requirements set out in the zoning by-law. They can supplement zoning by providing more detailed site-specific requirements.

Site plan control provides an opportunity for the municipality to comment on the design and the development of a site. This includes the location, design and shape (massing) of buildings, the layout of parking and service areas, public access areas, landscaping, paving materials and street furniture (e.g., bicycle facilities, benches, lampposts, recycling containers).

The goal of Site Plans is to ensure that development projects contribute to attractive waterfronts, streetscapes and the character of the neighbourhood while protecting the environmental features of the property and surrounding land (e.g. wetlands, wild life habitats, water quality).

There are two components of a Site Plan Agreement: Site Plan schedule and a written agreement that is registered on title. The written agreement contains the terms of the agreement and in some cases includes financial guarantees to ensure compliance with the agreement.

There are two main types of Site Plan Agreements in the Town of Gravenhurst:

  • Commercial Site Plan Agreements
  • Residential Site Plan Agreements

Residential Site Plan Agreements

Residential Site Plan Agreements are required in the following situations:

  • Additions or construction of Dwellings larger than 50.0 square metres
  • Accessory Structures with a footprint of 30.0 metres or are within 60.0 metres of a waterbody

Residential Site Plan Agreement

Commercial Site Plan Agreements

Commercial Site Plan Agreements are required for all commercial and industrial developments as well as residential developments containing more than 2 units.

Commercial Site Plan Agreement

Site Plan Control By-law

Can Site Plan Agreements be appealed?

If a plan or drawing is not approved within 30 days of submission, or if the owner is not satisfied with a specific Site Plan Agreement requirement and cannot resolve the concern with the Town, the owner may appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board.