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Zoning By-law

Zoning By-law 10-04 for the Town of Gravenhurst was approved by Council on April 20, 2010. The Zoning By-law implements land use policies of the Town of Gravenhurst Official Plan (PDF) by regulating and controlling specific land uses on individual properties. The By-law pertains to all lands within the boundaries of the Municipality of the Town of Gravenhurst.

A Zoning By-law contains a number of zones and sets out the permitted uses of land, minimum lot dimensions, building and structure locations, permitted types of buildings and structures, as well as parking and landscape requirements. Zoning maps are available to assist in determining the zoning of a property (see links below) for a part of the by-law as well as specific lot provisions and amendments.

Through zoning, a municipality can guide and shape the pattern of development that occurs. The requirements in a Zoning By-law help to determine the physical appearance of a community.

A full copy of the Town of Gravenhurst Comprehensive Zoning By-law is available here:

Comprehensive Zoming By-Law Cover

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Zoning By-law 10-04 (PDF)

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Zoning Amendments

If you have a development proposal that does not comply with the Zoning By-law, you may apply for a Zoning Amendment. All applications must conform with the Town of Gravenhurst Official Plan.pdf If not, an Official Plan Amendment [link to Official Plan Amendment application] would be necessary.

Before applying for a Zoning Amendment, please contact the Planning Department for information regarding specific requirements. To support your application, you may be asked for additional information such as a planning justification report or other required studies. All application must be completed in full prior to submission.

Zoning Amendment applications are approved by Council at a public meeting. The decision to approve or deny an application is made after consideration of recommendations from Planning staff and public comments. Formal objections to Councils decision can be submitted to the Ontario Municipal Board within 20 days of Council's decision. Only persons who have made oral submissions at the public meeting or written submissions to Council prior to the decision may appeal.

For general information on Zoning By-laws in Ontario, please visit the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website.

Ontario Municipal Board Website

Zoning Amendment Application Form

Zoning Amendment Application