Ice-Blading Operations Scheduled for Gravenhurst

Posted On Tuesday March 12, 2019


March 12, 2019


Ice-Blading Operations Scheduled for Gravenhurst

Gravenhurst, ON – Town road crews continue to conduct ‘ice-blading’ on local roads.

The goal of ice-blading is to remove ice build-up on the roadways caused by frequent freeze-thaw cycles the district has experienced this season. This is a proactive measure that will speed up the melting process, and assist in improving the ride quality for vehicular traffic. 

Residents are reminded to exercise caution in the areas in which these operations are taking place.

Ice Blading operations will take place at the following sections during the course of the week:

  • MR # 20 (from Housey Rapids Rd. to Barkway Rd.)
  • MR # 6 (from Victoria Falls Rd. to McCarther Sdrd.)
  • MR # 19
  • MR # 13
  • MR #17 (from Taboo to Ennis Bay Rd.)
  • Fernwood & Pratt Subdivision
  • Winhara Rd.
  • Industrial Dr. & Progress Rd.
  • Jones Rd.

Other roads may be added as temperature and resources permit. Updates will be provided accordingly.

Residents are reminded that there is NO PARKING on Town roads overnight (Bylaw 2016-92). Any vehicles left on the road will be towed at the owner’s expense. We appreciate your patience. Thank You!

For more information, please contact: Public Works Desk

705.687.3412 Ext. 256