Reduced Loads (Town of Gravenhurst) - March 22-May 31

Posted On Thursday March 14, 2019

2019  Reduced Load Period – Town of Gravenhurst - March 22, 2019, to May 31, 2019

Bylaw: 2009-019 

During the spring thaw period, typically early March to mid-May, some roads cannot withstand heavy vehicle loads. Every year, the Town monitors thaw progression by utilizing patrol inspections and the forecast temperature data from Environment Canada and the Weather Network. Depending on the progression of the thaw, restrictions can come into effect quickly, sometimes with only a few days notice. Once the pavement strength has been restored, the load restrictions are removed.

To ensure the protection of certain roads The Town of Gravenhurst puts a weight restriction of 5 tonnes per axle on the roads under the Towns jurisdiction. It is advisable that interested parties should make appropriate arrangements prior to the weight restriction period, which starts around the beginning of March and usually lasts until mid-May. Any deviations to this must strictly adhere to the exceptions under the Highway Traffic Act.

Schedule ‘A’ - Roads Exempt from Reduce Load Periods:

Road Name


Clarence Drive

From Gillan Drive South to Edward Street

Edward Street

No Limit

George Beard Lane

No Limit

Gillan Drive

No Limit

Industrial Drive

No Limit

Progress Road

No Limit

Jones Road

From Progress Road to Industrial Drive

Talisman Drive

No Limit

Winhara Road

From Langford Drive to the North Town Limits

Langford Road

From Winhara to the end

For restrictions on District roads or Ministry of Transportation highways, please contact the appropriate jurisdiction.


Your co-operation is appreciated,

Andrew Stacey

Director of Infrastructure Services Town of Gravenhurst