2019 Daisy Award Winners

Posted On Monday August 12, 2019
2019 Daisy Awards
2019 Daisy Awards

2019 Daisy Award Winners

Congratulations to this year's Daisy Award Winners! 

The 'Daisy Awards' is an annual program giving recognition to Gravenhurst residents whose front yard gardening and landscape efforts contribute to a more beautiful, tidy and attractive community. On Sunday August 11, winners were presented with their Daisy Award. A full photo album of winning properties will be featured on the Town's Facebook page later this week!
Congratulations to the following recipients:

Andrew Sun & Lillian Kahle

Linda & Eric Potts

June Gairusso

Pam & John Binnington

George & Colleen Blight

Elaine Wallwin

Patricia Van Heerde

Jennifer & Mike Mandigo

Audrey Brown

Sandra Carnell

Norm & Jean Goring

John Peacock

Helen Waters

Barb Weismiller

Bethune House/Parks Canada

Carl Gibson

Teresa Urash

Brenda Gabitous 

Lindsay Nelan & Nathan Martin

Pat Wright

Al & Jean Hunter

Maggie Keates

Linda Barnes

Rennie Haid

Lynda Valcourt

Heather McIlravey

Cyndi & Elmer Tryon

Heather Denomy

Norman Richmond

Erica Winiker 

John & Marilyn DeLang

Michelle Kustermans

Emily & Wayne Williamson

Elaine Collins(?)

Carol Miller

Donna Harms & Brian Chambers


Audrey Brown

Heather McIlravey

Norman Richmond

Michelle Kustermans