Flood Updates: Waterway Restrictions Removed – Locks Open – Clean-up Programs - 911 Signs - May 15, 2019

Posted On Wednesday May 15, 2019

Flood Updates: Waterway Restrictions Removed – Locks Open – Clean-up Programs - 911 Signs - May 15, 2019

The District is in regular contact with all six Area Municipalities and continues to actively support flood recovery efforts across Muskoka.

Important Reminders for Residents and Visitors:

Waterways Restrictions Removed and Port Carling Locks are Now Open – Please Use Caution When Navigating and Support Recovery and Clean-up Efforts:

  • Transport Canada’s Interim Order has been lifted and the Port Carling locks are now open to boat traffic.  For rates and hours of operation, please visit: https://www.muskoka.on.ca/en/live-and-play/Port-Carling-Locks-and-Swing-Bridge.aspx.
  • The District urges boaters and float plane operators to be extra cautious of flood debris that may remain in the waterways and to navigate slowly to ensure the safety of people and vessels, as well as to minimize the impact from waves on properties that have been impacted by flooding.  Please secure any flood debris that you encounter (if safe to do so) and contact your Area Municipality for Town/Township specific information about debris removal plans.

Please Ensure Safe Disposal of Flood Damaged Materials  and Sandbags:

  • The District’s solid waste division continues to work with Area Municipalities to support their flood clean-up plans and have expanded hours and staffing resources at several Transfer Stations in the District to serve the additional volume of flood waste anticipated this weekend and next from flood clean-up efforts.  Tips from the Health Unit are available to help assist you with flood clean up and keep you safe during and after a flood.
  • Please visit www.muskoka.on.ca/2019floodinfo and use the links to access Town or Township specific information about how to safely dispose of flood damaged materials, debris and sandbags in your Area Municipality.   For non-flood related solid waste information, please visit www.muskokarecycles.ca.

Please Ensure 911 Emergency Signs are Visible:

  • Some emergency 911 signs may have been displaced, damaged or removed during the flooding or relief efforts.  Visible emergency 911 signs are required to ensure emergency services can be provided effectively.   Please get in touch with your Area Municipality if you require a new sign.

Advisory To Properties on Well-Water or Using Surface Water - Municipal (Town/Township) Drinking Water Sources Are Safe:

  • The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU) however has issued a Drinking Water Advisory for properties located in flooded areas with well water or using surface water.  Residents who live on properties located in flooded areas with well water should assume the water is not potable.View our map of District Water Tap Stations where you can access safe drinking water.

It is Safe to Visit Muskoka - Please Use Caution in Flooded Areas:

  • The impact of flooding varies significantly across Muskoka and even within the Towns/Township that have declared a State of Emergency.  There are many events, activities and businesses that are not impacted by the flooding who are looking forward to your visit and/or patronage during and after this emergency.  For concerns about the impact of flooding on a specific activity, resort, accommodation, event, etc., please contact the organizer, business or property directly. 
  • Seasonal roads and access may be impaired by flooding, flood damage or washouts. Seasonal residents wishing to check on their properties are encouraged to wait until the flooding emergency has ended to visit their property.  Before you travel to Muskoka, please check the Town and Township specific information above to learn about any road closures and waterway restrictions that might apply to your property.

Additional Information Flood Relief and Recovery Efforts:

  • Visit the District’s flood information page www.muskoka.on.ca/2019floodinfo  for links to Town/Township specific programs, resources and volunteer opportunities. 

Stay Connected! Please monitor local media outlets, the MNRF and area municipal websites and social media feeds for updates.  For more information please visit www.muskoka.on.ca or follow the District on FacebookTwitter, or our Newsfeed.  Learn more About the District and What We Do.

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