Posted On Tuesday September 16, 2014

Gravenhurst, ON -Residents and businesses in Gravenhurst will be getting some of the fastest Internet in the country under a proposed development by Vianet.

The Sudbury-based telecommunications company already operates in dozens of Ontario communities -- and has proposed a $2.2-million investment within the Town of Gravenhurst. The plan for this 27-kilometre fibre-optic network waspresented to the Town Council today after almost two years of planning. Vianet wants to build a Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) network and provide service to the 1350 homes and businesses along the network’s path.

The network will be capable of Gigabit (1,000 mbps) speeds, easily some of the fastest in the country. Currently, fewer than 5% of Canadians have access to FTTH. This would put Gravenhurst in the category of one of the best-served communities in the country.

"Vianet is so excited at the prospect of coming to Gravenhurst," says Luke Gasteiger with Vianet, "The spark to make this happen was back in February at the Gigabit Community Summit hosted in Gravenhurst. We saw the community’s resolve and passion to bring this kind of infrastructure to town. So after some productive conversations with the community and government funding partners, we decided the time was right to launch the project. And, we couldn’t be happier about it."

The project would see Vianet investing about $1.2-million with plans for senior levels of government funding $1-million - for a total project cost of $2.2-million. In the event of partial funding, Vianet is willing to re-assess the project to come up with a scaled back version that would see the company matching dollar for dollar any funded amounts.

"This is great news for our community," says Mayor Paisley Donaldson, "We are very pleased that Vianet has stepped up to provide this must-have infrastructure. It will help us attract year-round entrepreneurs, creative knowledge-based workers and residents that our economic development plan speaks to."

Vianet is known for having local technicians and customer support in most of the communities they serve across Ontario.

So the Gravenhurst project will not only create construction jobs during the fibre build but it will also create 2 full-time positions within the first year of project completion -- and up to 4 full-time positions in the future.

If project funding with senior levels of government goes smoothly, construction of the high-speed Internet network could begin as soon as this spring – with service coming online by the summer.


For More Information, please contact:

Luke Gasteiger

Director of Network Engineering

(705) 222.9996, ext. 5150

Renato Romanin

Director of Economic Development and Communications

Town of Gravenhurst

(705) 687-2230, ext. 271




Vianet is a Sudbury based telecommunications company engaged in high visibility product offerings of high speed internet, television and telephone services. Vianet is federally regulated in the areas of telephone and television service, operating under CRTC approval as a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC or telephone company) and Broadcasting Distribution Unit (BDU or cable company). With over 150 employees,

Vianet builds, owns and operates fibre optic networks in more than a dozen communities throughout Ontario.

Fiber to The Home/Business (FTTH)

Fiber To The Home/Business (FTTH) refers to the placement of fiber optic cable on utility poles and in underground duct structure from a Central Office (CO) to individual homes and businesses to provide telecommunications services. FTTH is meant to be a direct competitor and eventual replacement for traditional copper twisted pair and coax cable deployed by telephone and cable companies. FTTH provides the following advantages over these legacy networks:

- More bandwidth for faster internet speeds and more HDTV channels

- Lower operational costs

- Higher reliability (fewer moving parts in the field)

- Lower cost to upgrade speeds to next generation requirements

- Obsolescence protection (copper networks reach a point beyond which they can no longer physically

carry the required data traffic)


Media Contact:

Jason Harnett, Communications Coordinator

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