Gravenhurst Council Approves 2017 Budget

Posted On Wednesday March 08, 2017
March 8, 2017
Gravenhurst Council Approves 2017 Budget
Gravenhurst, ON – At yesterday’s Special Budget Meeting, following three days of public budget presentations/deliberations and a Saturday session specifically for public input, Town of Gravenhurst Council unanimously approved the 2017 Operating Budget. 
The operating budget pays for day-to-day municipal services such as fire prevention/protection, snow clearing, road repair, recreation services, library operations, by-law enforcement and building permit issuance.  Through contributions to capital reserves, it also funds infrastructure rehabilitation, repair and replacement.
The 2017 Budget will result in a 5.5% increase to the Town of Gravenhurst tax rate or $22 per $100,000 of assessment on the Town share of the residential property tax bill.
“The Town of Gravenhurst accounts for only 34% of an urban property tax bill and 45% of a rural property tax bill. After taking into account the approved District of Muskoka tax rate increase and a projection for the education share of the tax bill, residential Gravenhurst property taxpayers will see their 2017 tax bills go up by 2.2 to 2.4% dependent on whether the property is urban or rural,” said Val Sequeira, director of corporate services and treasurer in his comments during budget deliberations. 
“In 2016 all properties across Ontario were reassessed by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). This increase does not factor in the impact of reassessment which could result in an increase/reduction to taxes payable,” he added.
“The 2017 budget deliberations conducted over multiple days involved meaningful dialogue and debate in a public forum and Council did not shy away from asking the tough questions. The approved budget reflects Council’s strategic priorities and continues to chip away at a significant infrastructure deficit – a challenge faced by municipalities across Canada,” said Mayor Paisley Donaldson. “I’d like to thank Council and Staff for  their hard work and for being proactive in responding to the needs of our community,” she added.
Full details of the approved 2017 budget can be found at 
For additional information, please contact:
Val Sequeira
Director of Corporate Services/Treasurer
Town of Gravenhurst
Phone: 705-687-2230, ext. 252